Westfield Redevelopment Authority


  • Kathy Witalisz, Authority Chair
  • William Parks, Authority Vice Chair
  • Joe Mitchell, Executive Director

  • Mark Morin
  • Ali Salehi
  • Tom Woodson
TheWestfield Redevelopment Authority (WRA) is a corporate and politic body, established by the City of Westfield and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts under former Massachusetts General Laws (“MGL”) Chapter 121, Section 2600, the predecessor to the present MGL Chapter 121B, Section 4 (Chapter 121 was recodified in 1969 as Chapter 121B).  The WRA has the powers of an “operating agency” and additional powers as an “urban renewal agency”. The broad development capabilities of the WRA include the power to engage in “urban renewal projects” and other projects, the power to buy and sell property, the power to acquire property through eminent domain, and the power to designate projects under MGL Chapter 121A.


The Authority is made up of five (5) members, four of which are appointed by the Mayor and approve by the City Council and one (1) of which is appointed by the Governor of Massachusetts