Active Projects

Active Projects in Westfield

The City of Westfield is constantly improving to become a safer, more efficient, and more aesthetically pleasing community.

Columbia Greenway
The next phase of construction of the Columbia Greenway Rail Trail project is under construction. Picking up where the previous construction left off, this section includes approximately 1 mile of trail and the rehabilitation, or demolition and reconstruction, of Tin Bridge and the bridge over South Meadow Road. It will also include demolition of the bridge over East Silver Street and an access way from the new portion of the trail to East Silver Street. See Columbia Greenway Part 2 for more details.

Gas Light District

This project will include infrastructure upgrades and streetscape improvements for the Gas Light District, which is the area of downtown Westfield bounded by Franklin Avenue, Washington, Elm, and Court Streets. New pavement, sidewalks, lighting, underground utilities, and reconfigured parking areas and through streets will improve the function and flow through this core district and will be highlighted by distinctive patterns and a new pocket park. Construction is expected to begin in June and continue over the next two years. See Gas Light District for more details.

Old Town Roads Improvements
For the past decade, the City has selected streets from the downtown area to be part of Old Town Roadway efforts. The streets selected typically have poor pavement conditions which trigger the City to look comprehensively at all of the infrastructure to see if there are other needed upgrades. Key elements this effort looks to address are: pavement improvements, sidewalks, curbing, drainage issues, sanitary sewers, and water main replacements. Problems that are identified are replaced or refurbished as needed. See Old Town Road Improvements for more details.

Route 187 (Little River Road) Reconstruction

Improvements to Route 187 will allow for better pedestrian and traffic flow, increasing safety and efficiency, to this heavily traveled road. See Route 187

Sanitary Sewer Strategic Plan

The Sanitary Sewer Program was arrived at in conjunction with the Environmental Impact Report for the expansion of the Water Pollution Control Facility. See Strategic Plan

Western Avenue Improvements

This project consists of three phases of roadway improvements along Western Avenue in the City of Westfield from the intersection of Bates Road extending easterly for approximately 2.4 miles to the intersection of Court, High and Mill Streets. Western Avenue is classified as an Urban Minor Arterial that serves the Westfield State University Campus, Stanley Park recreational area, the Highland Elementary School, and several residential neighborhoods. See Western Avenue Improvements for more details.