Motor Patrol

McGruffAfter a 50 year hiatus, in the year 2000, The Westfield Police Department was able to bring back the Motor Patrol.  Initially the department had three, Anniversary Edition Harley Davidson Motorcycles. Several officers were trained on their use and they were put into action.  Today the department retains one Harley Davidson and one Zero electric motorcycle.  The Harley can be used for everyday patrol when a certified motor officer is working, and it is also used for special events such as parades, escorts, or funerals.  

The Zero, electric motorcycle was purchased with a grant in 2016.  Although not a primary response vehicle, this motorcycle is used for a variety of situations where traditional police vehicles may not be effective.  Although not an all-terrain vehicle, the Zero is able to access certain paths and trails where our cruisers or even a Harley would not be able to go.  It is also routinely used to patrol the Columbia Greenway Rail Trail.  The motorcycle is almost silent so as not to disturb the natural beauty of the trail, but with its ability to go up to 90 mph it can react to an emergency rapidly.

Our motorcycles have given the department more tools with which to better serve our community.