Westfield DPW Wins National Award

The American Public Works Association held its New England Chapter Regional meeting this week to recognize various DPWs from across New England for their outstanding contributions to the field.

Westfield Department of Public Works received an award for Outstanding Achievement in Public Works.

“This award identifies and recognizes special achievements and innovations by a Chapter member or organization.  Particular emphasis was given to in-house projects completed during the last 12 months that improve productivity, cut costs or provide a new approach to providing services from which others in the industry could benefit.  In-house projects can be physical, technical or managerial.

In 2014, the City of Westfield, MA consolidated their public support divisions to create the all-encompassing Department of Public Works.  During this time, several antiquated policies and programs were addressed increasing efficiency, productivity, and substantial savings in labor and vendor cost.  The most significant program overhaul was the modernization of the Snow and Ice procedures which were inefficient, costly and did not serve the public effectively.

During the winter of 2016, the city utilized a combination of managerial, technical, and physical process changes to overhaul and modernize the Department of Public Works Snow and Ice Procedures.  The new SNO-OPS changes realized across the board savings in labor and vendor costs while providing higher quality and more efficient snow removal for Westfield’s residents and visitors.

The hard work of Westfield DPW staff in organizing, researching, planning and implementing the SNO-OPS program has resulted in increased productivity, reduced costs, and improved services to residents, visitors and vendors of Westfield, Massachusetts.

In recognition of your special achievements and innovations from which others in the industry may benefit, it is with pleasure that the New England Chapter present the 2017 Outstanding Achievement in Public Works to the City of Westfield, Massachusetts DPW for its SNO-OPS Program.”

Congratulations to Fran Cain, Casey Berube and all employee of the DPW involved in successfully implementing the SnowOps Program.

DPW Award Placque