Senior Safety Campaign: Retire the Fire!

During the week of March 5 to 9, residents of Westfield will see “Retire the Fire!” flyers hung throughout the City.  Buttons with the slogan will be worn by Council On Aging staff, seniors, and community leaders. Both are gentle reminders that fire safety for Westfield’s older adults is a personal, family, and community effort.  

The focus of this year’s “Retire the Fire!” effort is distribution and completion of the Disability Indicator and Emergency Information Forms. Information from these forms will be entered into the Westfield 9-1-1 dispatch system. Then if a 9-1-1 call is made, first responders will have vital information about the person in need, prior to arriving on the scene. It is helpful for first responders to know ahead of time if the person in distress has hearing, visual, mobility, or cognitive limitations as well as information about gate or key access, lock box location, or potential on-site hazards.

Disability Indicator and Emergency Information Forms are available at the Senior Center. For those who would like assistance completing the forms, COA staff members are available to help. In addition, house numbers are still available from last year and can be installed by members of the Westfield Rotary Club for those sixty and older who need visible numbers on their house.  Older adults should call the Senior Center at 562-6435 for fire safety information or assistance with installing visible numbers on their home.  More information can be found here:

Retire the Fire! Flyer

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