Utility Turn On

GAS & ELECTRIC PROCEDURE (Meter Requests, Utility Turn-On)


The purpose of this written policy is to clarify the roles, duties, and obligations of the Meter Request and Utility Turn-On processes as specifically related to the employees of the Westfield Building Department.  Aside from extenuating circumstance, determined by the head of the Building Department, the employees of the Building Department are expected to adhere to the policy.  Adherence to this policy will ensure Meter Request/Utility Turn-On process are standardized, thereby limiting utilities being activated prior to the appropriate time and thus limit dangerous or hazardous conditions to municipal employees, builders/contractors, or citizens of the City of Westfield.

The Building Department shall post this policy conspicuously on or around the customer desk, on its City webpage, and a copy of the policy shall ordinarily be provided to any customers who take an application from the Department (typically as an attachment to the application).


Building Department Inspection Process

The process to approve energy resources being approved for a property begins when an application for an electrical permit or a gas permit is made on behalf of the contractor (Electrician or Plumbing & Gas Fitter respectively) at the building department and permit fees are paid.  The office will not perform any inspection, or consequently approve any work, until the application and fee is received, and the request is made by the appropriate contractor, as opposed to the owner, landlord, and/or any other energy/resource provider.  Pursuant to M.G.L. c. 142, Sec. 3, and MGL 143, s. 3L, only a contractor may make an application for electrical or gas inspection. 

Following completion of their work, the licensed contractor calls the respective Building Department inspector (electrical inspector or gas inspector) to request an inspection of the work performed.

If the work is plumbing & gas related, a YELLOW sticker will be placed on the pipe or the appliance that is signed and dated by the plumbing & gas inspector pursuant to the application request made by the contractor.  A pipe or appliance which does not have a yellow sticker on has not been inspected or has not been approved by the Building Department for use, and the appliance or pipe should not be used or otherwise turned on until the sticker has been affixed by the Plumbing & Gas inspector.  Use of an appliance or pipe which has not been inspected and approved by the plumbing & Gas inspector is restricted pursuant to M.G.L. c. 142, Sec. 3, as it is hazardous to life, limb, and property.

Post Inspection Approval Process

Once the inspection is completed and the work has been approved, (in the case of a gas inspection, meaning the yellow sticker has been affixed to the appliance or pipe) the appropriate inspector will send an email to the following contact of the Westfield Gas & Electric (WGE):

For Gas related inspections: For Electrical related inspections:
Betsy Loiko - bloiko@wgeld.org
Cindy Fanion – cfanion@wgeld.org
Joan Menzel – jmenzel@wgeld.org
Ed Radwilowicz – eradwilowicz@wgeld.org
Chris LaVertu – clavertu@wgeld.org

Betsy Loiko – bloiko@wgeld.org
Cindy Fanion – cfanion@wgeld.org
Joan Menzel – jmenzel@wgeld.org
Chris LaVertu – clavertu@wgeld.org
Mathew DelMonte – mdelmonte@wgeld.org
Jody Boucher – jboucher@wgeld.org
Engineering Dept – engineering@wgeld.org

The email sent from the appropriate Building Department Inspector shall provide the following information to the WGE:   

  • Site Address as it is listed on the permit application
  • Type of inspection (Service, power/gas turn on, appliance, red tag etc.)

The email shall be sent within a timely manner, typically by the end of the business day on which the inspection was performed.

The Building Department invites contractors to provide an email address on the application for inspection.  Should the contractor provide an email address, the Building Department Inspector shall include the contractor on the aforementioned email notifying the appropriate WGE employee

Further information, such as the plumber/gas fitter or electrician, owner information or additional site information not listed on the permit application will not be provided to the G & E. 

It shall be the responsibility of the G & E to update email addresses with the Electrical and Plumbing & Gas Inspector should there be any staff changes within the department. The notification should be emailed directly to the following:

Carissa Lisee; Superintendent of Buildings c.lisee@cityofwestfield.org
Dan Pease, Plumbing & Gas Inspector dan.pease@cityofwestfield.org
Mike Jasmin, Inspector of Wires michael.jasmin@cityofwestfield.org

Westfield Buidling Department
Electrical and Gas Inspection Process
Adopted April 22, 2019
Approve by Carissa Lisee, Superintendent of Buildings