Union Street Sidewalk Improvements

This project includes the replacement and addition of sidewalks on both the north side and (a portion of) the south side of Union Street encompassed by Union Avenue (Route 10-202) on the west end of the project and the Park Square Townhouses (#140 Union Street) on the east end.

This project will consist of replacing and extending the existing sidewalks on the north side of Union Street with mild to moderate re-grading, a new sidewalk along a portion of the south side of Union Street, new curbing on both sides of the street, replacement and re-grading of driveway aprons, and a new crosswalk with rapid flashing beacons (RFB's) located at the Powdermill Village Apartments that can be utilized to access PVTA bus stops.

With many different land uses along the corridor varying from single family homes, to multi-family homes, housing complexes, apartment villages, churches, manufacturing and distribution centers, medical buildings, storage facilities, and other small businesses, this project area experiences a high volume of users of all types and purposes. The primary intent of this project is to improve the accessibility and safety for all of its users while also providing improvements to drainage, grading, and alignment to the roadway.

The project is anticipated to start in early May 2021, with an anticipated completion date of late Summer to early Fall of 2021.

Union Street Sidewalk Plan Set