Information Technology

The city information technology department, known as the Westfield Technology Center, provides and maintains all of the technical, communications and computing solutions for municipal departments and schools.


The Tech Center provides extensive services to government, public safety and education within the city to include:

  • Systems and software design, purchase, training and implementation
  • Internet services
  • Wide area, local area and wireless networking
  • Email services
  • Website hosting
  • Network and data security
  • Radio communications
  • Telephone services
  • Community Access Cable TV transport and encoding
  • Computer and peripheral support
  • 24x7 on call support for public safety departments

Office & Data Center Facility

The Westfield Technology Center office houses staff and a data center strategically located on high ground within the secured perimeter of the Westfield Barnes Regional Airport. The data center is centered around a redundant power and cooling system securing an operating environment for virtualized computing, storage arrays, networking equipment and stand alone servers.

The data center’s networking hardware links systems throughout the city via fiber optic, point to point microwave and other networking technologies.