Law Department

The City of Westfield Law Department

The City of Westfield Law Department was created in 1991 upon the adoption of ordinance number 1067, now codified at City of Westfield Code of Ordinances Chapter 2, Sections 2-211 and 2-212. The ordinance calls for the City Solicitor, by City charter, to be appointed by the Mayor and serve at his pleasure, without City Council confirmation, to head the department.

The City Solicitor works directly for the City government and, as such, cannot provide legal advice or services to individual residents.


The purpose of the Law Department is derived from the duties specified for the City Solicitor.  The City Solicitor shall:

  • Be legal adviser to the Mayor, City Council, boards, commissions, and department heads
  • Defend the City in all legal actions and prosecute actions on behalf of the City
  • Prepare and approve legal documents, give opinions on legal points, and represent the City as required before the courts, county commissioners, state departments, and legislative committees
  • By statute, represent the City assessors in proceedings before the State Appellate Tax Board