The City Auditor

The City Auditor maintains custody of all city contracts and keeps a detailed record of all city debt including the reasons for borrowing, the rate of interest, and payment provisions.

The City Auditor also must keep a set of municipal books including each appropriation, the amounts and purposes of each expenditure and the receipts from every source of income.

Reports are filed with the State at the end of each fiscal year detailing all expenditures, receipts and balance sheet information.

Payroll and Bills

Another critical function of the City Auditor relates to the payment of payrolls and bills. Every week a payroll for approximately twelve hundred people is submitted to the Auditor’s office and checked for accuracy, legality and requisite approvals. In the same fashion, all payments for the City are processed by the Auditor’s office. Should any claim be deemed fraudulent, unlawful, or excessive, payment authorization is withheld. If all is in order, a warrant is submitted to the Treasurer.

Additional Duties

The City Auditor also assists in the annual tax recapitulation sheet and cash reconciliations with the Treasurer. In addition, this office provides any financial information requests from the Mayor, City Council, other departments, the State, vendors and the public.

Financial Documents

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