What types of messages will I receive?

The City will NOT utilize Rave Alert/ Smart 911 for non-emergency related activity.   You will not receive calls about a parade, fireworks, trash pickup, or events on the green.   These types of notices will come from the City Website if you have signed up for alerts there.

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1. Who will use the Rave Alert / Smart 911 System?
2. How does this differ from what I already signed up for at my kid’s school?
3. What types of messages will I receive?
4. Why are there different systems?
5. How do I sign up?
6. When I go to sign up, it asks a lot of questions, why?
7. Is my information secure and how is it used?
8. How will I know it is an alert message?
9. Why did we choose Rave?
10. Who should I contact if I have more questions?