Why did we choose Rave?

The City was utilizing an emergency notification system called Rapid Notify.   Rave purchased this company and to be more state of the art and robust, they have asked their customers to move over to the Rave Alert Notification System.    We chose to stay with Rave due to their quality of service, price point, and general feedback shared by other communities.  Rave is one of the leading systems used in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

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1. Who will use the Rave Alert / Smart 911 System?
2. How does this differ from what I already signed up for at my kid’s school?
3. What types of messages will I receive?
4. Why are there different systems?
5. How do I sign up?
6. When I go to sign up, it asks a lot of questions, why?
7. Is my information secure and how is it used?
8. How will I know it is an alert message?
9. Why did we choose Rave?
10. Who should I contact if I have more questions?