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To add one of the following iCalendar feeds to your calendar:
  1. Right click on the calendar that interests you and select Copy Shortcut. This will copy the link to your clipboard.
  2. Paste the link into the appropriate area of your calendar program.


  1. Barnes Aquifer Protection Advisory Committee
  2. Board of Assessors
  3. Board of Health
  4. Board of Public Works
  5. Board of Registrars
  6. Cable Television Commission
  7. City Council
  8. City Council Charter and Rules Committee (Ad Hoc)
  9. City Council City Properties Committee
  10. City Council Finance Committee
  11. City Council Governmental Relations Committee
  12. City Council Legislative and Ordinance Committee
  13. City Council License Committee
  14. City Council Long Range Financial Committee
  15. City Council Natural Resources Committee
  16. City Council Personnel Action Committee
  17. City Council Public Health and Safety Committee
  18. City Council Zoning, Planning and Development
  19. City Engineer
  20. Commission for Citizens with Disabilities
  21. Community Action Pioneer Valley
  22. Community Calendar
  23. Community Development
  24. Community Preservation Committee
  25. Conservation Commission
  26. Conservation Commission Deadlines
  27. Council On Aging
  28. Development & Industrial Commission
  29. Economic Development
  30. Emergency Planning Committee
  31. Eversource Energy
  32. Fire Commission
  33. Flood Control Commission
  1. Franklin Avenue Project School Building Committee
  2. Hampden Charter School of Science
  3. Hampden County Comm on Status of Women and Girls
  4. Hampden, Hampshire County Constervation District
  5. Historical Commission
  6. License Commission
  7. Main Calendar
  8. Master Plan Committee
  9. Municipal Light Board
  10. Off-Street Parking Commission
  11. Open Space and Recreation Plan Committee
  12. Parks & Recreation Commission
  13. Personnel Department
  14. Pioneer Valley Planning Commission
  15. Pioneer Valley Transit Authority
  16. Planning Board
  17. Police
  18. Police Commission
  19. Public Safety Communications Commission
  20. Retirement Board
  21. School Committee
  22. School Committee Subcommittee
  23. Traffic Commission
  24. Water Commission
  25. Westfield Airport Commission
  26. Westfield Cultural Council
  27. Westfield High School
  28. Westfield Housing Authority
  29. Westfield Redevelopment Authority
  30. Westfield Technical Academy
  31. Youth Commission
  32. Zoning Board of Appeals