City Clerk

City Hall is open to the public.

You may still use the White Drop Box located by the handicapped entrance ramp at City Hall on the east side of the building for any City Clerk or Board of Registrar requests. If you are looking to file your marriage intentions, please call 413-572-6258. You must have an appointment to file your marriage intentions even though the building is open to the public.  


The City Clerk’s office is responsible for maintaining the custody of birth, death and marriage records for the City of Westfield. These records date back to the 1700′s, which are often used in genealogy research.

The city clerk’s office serves the public daily by issuing:
The city clerk’s office must maintain files for all:

Additional Responsibilities

The City Clerk, by virtue of her position, is also the clerk of the City Council. Therefore, all work generated by City Councilors is prepared and maintained in the City Clerk’s office. A few examples of this would be the City Council agendas, City Council minutes, ordinances, orders, resolutions, appointments to boards and commissions, etc.

In closing, the City Clerk’s office is the custodian of records for the City of Westfield.