Photograph Credits

The City of Westfield uses photographs from professional and amateur photographers, employees, citizens and non-copyright publicly available images within its website, & social media. Most photographs are provided for use by the city at no cost. The copyright to such images are retained by the photographer.

Photographs provided to the City on its website or social media are contained in a photograph repository and may appear on the website for a limited period of time as needed by topic. Placement of photographs within the website and compliance with web accessibility standards often makes direct credit for photographs impractical. Therefore, please see the group credit below.

Questions regarding photographs should be addressed to the webmaster.


Bill Hughes, Tara Conant, Sandi James, Ann Marie Walts, Valerie Dupuis, Sabine Prather, Jayne Mulligan, Eileen Doherty, Kevin Berrien, Adam Bazanchuk, Mike Minicucci, John Blake, Steve Dondley, Ken Stomski.

Special Thanks to The Westfield Athenaeum Archives.

Official City Councilor Photographs provided by Christopher Grenier of Grynn & Barrett Studios.