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Community Calendar Submission

  1. The Westfield Community Calendar is for individuals and non-profit organizations to publicize meetings and events of interest to our community. The Westfield Community Calendar may be used to promote educational, social, charitable, fraternal or educational organizations of interest to residents and visitors.

    The Community Calendar may not be used to promote political or commercial events.


    • The event must have a specific start and finish date (and time when applicable)
    • If there is a registration deadline, that deadline should be included with the calendar item.
    • Non-profit organizations may use the calendar for events that charge reasonable fees or sell tickets, but may not directly ask for donations. If fees are charged, those fees must be clearly shown in the event description.
    • An event flyer may be added. PDF or image format is recommended. Submitter is responsible for obtaining copyright approval for any content within a flyer.
    • Contact information and/or a link to a website that includes more information should be added when applicable
    • Event must be at a specific location that visitors can attend.
    • Event should be an activity that Westfield residents/visitors can attend without being a members of an organization.

    To be sure your event is added and approved in a timely manner, please submit them within 10 days of the event. It may take up to 72 hours to approve a submitted event. If you have a questions about this calendar you can contact us.

    Westfield City staff reserves the right to exclude any event it feels is not appropriate for its Community Calendar or may not serve the public interest. The City of Westfield reserves the right to edit event information for length, spelling, language and clarity.
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  4. Flyers will not be used on Public Access TV calendar.
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