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SRO Conflict Resolution Form

  1. Westfield Police Department School Resource Officer Conflict Resolution Form

    The Westfield Police Department is committed to providing School Resource Officer (SRO) services within the Westfield School District that are fair, effective, impartially applied and in accordance with the memorandum of understanding agreed to by the Westfield Police Department and the Westfield School Department.

    A relationship of trust and confidence between the School Resource Officers and the educators, staff, students, and the school community as a whole is essential to the successful accomplishment of law enforcement objectives as they relate to fulfilling the role of a School Resource Officer. It is in the best interest of everyone that your concerns about the performance of an SRO is resolved fairly and promptly. The Westfield Police Department has formal procedures for investigating your concerns and will work with the School Department Administration to come to a successful resolution. These procedures ensure fairness and help to identify and implement best practices in the School Resource Officer Program.

    This form should be used to report concerns about a School Resource Officer’s performance as it relates to the duties and responsibilities they should be performing while acting in the roll of a School Resource Officer.  Should you believe that the School Resource Officer went beyond poor or disagreeable performance and violated a Westfield Police Department Policy or potentially violated a criminal law, you should fill out a formal complaint which can be found on the Westfield Police Department’s Website.

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    False Statements made on this form are punishable under the pains and penalties of perjury.  A fine up to $500 and imprisonment for up to one year shall punish whoever knowingly and intentionally makes a FALSE REPORT of a crime on this form.  By submitting this form you attest that the events outlined above are true to the best of your knowledge.  

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